The COVID-19 pandemic has placed testing front and center in the worldwide discussion as one of the methods in how to end the outbreak. Testing has helped play an essential role in identifying cases, informing isolation decisions and help curb the spread of disease. However, new challenges have arisen as the demand for COVID-19 testings is growing. Nurse Angel Network is set out on a mission to reduce barriers and provide equal access COVID-19 testing to all individuals.


Our anticipated one-year project (June 2022 through June 2023 ) is designed to expand testing to suppress COVID-19 by means of point-of-care RAPID tests and confirmatory PCR testing done at no cost to the tested individuals. This will be accomplished through pop-up sites in Fresno County via a mobile van that can be easily set up in any desired location. The project objective is to provide additional means to assist with identifying individuals infected with COVID 19. The goal is to provide a capacity of 1,000 tests performed weekly. We want to emphasize that we will be providing RAPID antigen tests. Services in Fresno that offer these tests at no-cost are almost non-existent. The benefits of rapid tests are that they immediately identify infected individuals which can then mitigate spread if precautions are implemented. 

Our organization will serve areas designated as Qualified Census Tracts as our project utilizes a mobile van and will change locations on a daily basis. We plan to target the most vulnerable, underserved locations in Fresno that have the highest infection rates.